Image courtesy of Marina Kuchenbecker at 12RF

Image courtesy of Marina Kuchenbecker at 12RF

My Strategic PR Communication class took a turn toward reflection this past week. We talked about the importance of making time to ruminate.

Construction of quality written and visual materials requires creativity. And creativity takes time. A flash of inspiration may trigger the creative process. But, from there, it is just that … a process.

I took this notion to heart and set aside a few hours today to let my brain breathe.

My goal was to abandon self-imposed expectations and the guilt that is often attached to an afternoon of ‘down time.’

Autumn in Oregon is a lot like spring with a golden color palette. The weather shifts from moment to moment. In any direction, a unique cell of activity can be seen in the sky. A quarter turn can be the difference between silver sheets of falling rain and stark white, billowy clouds that show just how blue a blue sky can be.

I walked through the hay fields, I listened to the rustling leaves and, most importantly, I let my mind wander.

Mt. Pisgah, Eugene, Ore. by Heather Lawless

Effortlessly, I began to connect the streaming jumble of thoughts and ideas into usable compositions. Mental snippets – once disjointed and without context – transformed into cohesive solutions.

To write, tell stories and communicate are nebulous endeavors. Though we have rules of thumb to guide us, there is no one ‘right’ way to do them. To honor the creative process, instead of demanding results from ourselves, is imperative.

Brilliance happens. But, in my experience, anything of value requires revision and the willingness to deconstruct and rethink.

Though my afternoon produced clarity for a few current projects, the real gem came in the form of reaffirmation of this truth: Take the time, honor the process and the finished product will blossom.



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3 responses to “Rumination

  1. Exactly! I feel like I was with you for the walk. Thanks for putting it into words for me to experience.

  2. This is my favorite way to contemplate life, school, anything really. Take a step back and do something that is effortless on your mind and subconscious and all of the sudden to step back into reality and it all makes sense. Your creative process, thought process, what ever it may be always comes together in a cohesive way and will blossom, just like you said. I like this post because it isn’t about something specific that has caused you to feel a certain way, its the nature of thought that allowed such an eloquent post that is very thought provoking!

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