The Money Will Follow


Photo by Vladimir Voronin

Nothing excites me more about the public relations profession than the alignment of an organization’s needs with its public’s needs. To find and foster sustainable relationships that elevate our economy and our humanity is paramount for our future global success.

Corporate social responsibility is quickly becoming a priority in the business world. When leaders of industry embrace ethics in their core business model, the money will follow. The key is to identify specific goals that improve the existence of customers, employees, communities and the environment that they all share.

Symbiotic success propels itself. By success, I mean the knowledge that we are doing good things for good people in good places. Is generating a profit ‘good’ so that you can make payroll? Yes. Is providing healthcare resources so that your employees take fewer sick days ‘good’? Yes. Is it ‘good’ to use sustainable and clean energy to manufacture your product? Yes.

These are broad concepts and seem like no-brainers. But as Gini Dietrich said in her recent post for Spin Sucks, “Great companies stop and listen to criticism, they commit to getting better, they set goals and a vision larger than themselves, and they truly behave better.”

As anyone in the workforce knows, we are more productive when we are doing something that we believe in. We go the extra mile. And we encourage others to join us. This translates into profitability and growth for businesses. Companies who have long-term goals, and the shareholders that invest in them, rely on the public’s trust and loyalty. When these relationships are symbiotic, we all win.



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